My Daily Routine

I can tell you about my daily routine. I can write about it on my blog and make a dialogue film with my friend or family member.

It is the morning of a new day. The sun is shining. I get up out of bed. First I wash my face and hands, then I brush my teeth and comb my hair. I dress myself and make my bed. I come promptly when I am called to breakfast.  When I finish eating my breakfast I help my mom to dry the dishes. I go for running early in the morning.

Then I get ready for my lessons. My online lessons start at 11:00 a.m. We do Gymnastics, Mathematics, Armenian, Russian or English lessons, also sing and paint.

After my lessons I am ready to play with my little brother.

Then I do interesting readings in English, Russian and Armenian, learn a lot of interesting things.

In the evening we love watching adventure films with my family.

Also I love playing football with my friends, but because of viruse I have to stay at home.

Thanks a lot…

This is my day.

With love Garik