Homework 07.12

P. 45, Ex.2

My brother and l go to school at 8 o’clock.

Carlos plays the guitar very well.

We help our mum with the cooking.

I drink milk for breakfast.

My mum wears a uniform at work.


She does not /doesn’t speak Italian.

They do not /don’t go to school.

We do not /don’t swim very well.

He does not /doesn’t watch TV every day.

You do not /don’t live in England.

Ex. 4

The children don’t get up late. They get up early

I don’t read comics . l read a book.

It doesn’t snow in summer. It snows in winter.

My brother doesn’t like fish. He likes chicken.

You don’t drink milk. You drink orange juice.

Ex. 5

Does Mike get up late? No, doesn’t.

Do Pedro and Carmen play the guitar? Yes, they do.

Do Pedro and Carmen play the piano? No, they don’t.

Does Sara live in Paris? No, she doesn’t.

Does Sara live in London? Yes, she does.

Do you and Sean like oranges? Yes, we do.

Do you and Sean like apples? No, we dont.


Do you like chocolate? Yes, l do.

Does your best friend like football? Yes, he does.

Do you live in big house. No, l don’t.

Do your friends listen to pop music? Yes, they do.

Do you watch TV every day? Yes, l do.

Do your friends play computer games. Yes, they do.

Ex. 7

Does Alice usually go swimming on Sundays?

Emma often plays tennis Fridays.

Meera always is on time for work.

Paul never drives to work.

We sometimes go to the theatre at the weekend.


The children sometimes eat ice-cream.

I often go to the cinema.

We seldom have lunch at a restaurant.

You are always.

Katie often helps her mum.

The boys are sometimes funny.

Ivan and l always do our homework.

Dad never washes his car.

Cara is usually very kind.

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